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Thursday Mar 05, 2020

This is a taster/warm-up exercise for a longer piece/blog post about "Digital Transformation".
A phrase which means different things to different people... and which I'm always surprised is still "a thing"
A bit like "Customer-centric"

Thursday Jan 16, 2020

People may mock me - and I've tried lots of digital solutions. But you can't beat a good old-fashioned list!
Have a listen to how I use a written list to manage my day, prioritise things to do, manage work/life integration and deal with those difficult "important - but not urgent" projects...
...and the pure joy of crossing things off!

Wednesday Jan 08, 2020

There's actually some good content in here about Empathy, H2H Marketing and Digital Transformation... and I only had to edit out 10 or so hmmmms. But the made thing is I need people to share and start using the hashtag #NSFLI whenever they see something that's Not Suitable for LinkedIn. I'm just going to keep publishing the softer stuff and blur the lines between all the social platforms.

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

This one actually goes over 5 minutes! Some thoughts about sales - based on a presentation I went to a few years ago - about some of the "real reasons" people don't buy from you...

S.C.R.A.P. in Action...

Thursday Nov 28, 2019

Thursday Nov 28, 2019

This week's podcast is about a useful way of structuring e-mails and communications - Situation/Complication/Resolution/Action/Politeness...

Psychological Safety

Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

A short podcast about Psychological Safety in the workplace.
Inspired by some training we had a few years ago and the fact that I read something about it again the other day...

Flexible Working...

Tuesday Nov 12, 2019

Tuesday Nov 12, 2019

Yes - there are gaps where I lose the thread. Yes - I repeat myself a couple of times
Yes - the mike was too close to my mouth. Yes - it sounds quite posh to say we had a nanny [I should have said a live-in help / au pair - but is that really any better?]
Yes - I forgot what I'm saying at the end - but that's the joy of real podcasting - no edits!
#flexibleworking #worklifebalance #worklifeintegration #psychologicalsafety

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